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Time Elevator Experience Roma

It’s an exciting journey that involves all the senses. Thanks to digital-mechanical and stereoscopic technologies you can go back in time and learn more about history, science, art and nature: a great launch pad to the most exciting explorations of our time.

Anyone who enters into Time Elevator enters into the history of Rome, flies back in time to the legend of Romulus and Remus and the founding of the city, seeing victories and defeats, development and decline of the Roman Empire. And then later in the Middle Ages and in the Renaissance with the events of the Popes until the Fascist period and the present day..

It’s an original and funny way to present a scenic trip in the major historical moments of the City and its artistic treasures to the audience. It’s the perfect way to complete the city and its monuments tour. Time Elevator Experience carries and projects the viewer towards the most significant events from a totally unique perspective, experiencing in first person a virtual contact with historical figures who have marked the main stages of the epic of Rome. This is possible thanks to the wide screens placed in front of the treadmills, where special armchairs are fixed and thanks to a sophisticated audio system with individual headphones available in 6 languages (Italian, English, French, German, Spanish, Russian) and multisensory effects such as rain and wind etc.

A story like that had not ever been seen…

… the past is always present … and from today it lives through the future!!!


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